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TAD-DA1000 (Hi Fi News - May 2014)

"The DA1000 always produced an effortless sound quality."

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TAD C600/M600 (HiFi News - April 2013)

"Striking a near-perfect balance between explicit 'studio monitoring' and home hi-fi 'musicality', they should be on any audiophile's dream wish list."

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TAD Evolution One, C2000 & M2500 (the absolute sound, Jan 2013)

"Evolution is an apt name for this stellar system. This is the kind of system that makes every listening moment a special occasion."

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TAD-D600 (Hi-Fi News, 2012 Yearbook)

"...considerable engineering finesse...exceptional sound quality: highly revealing yet remaining at all times musically involving. Something to hear before you die..." [Hi-Fi News Editor's Choice]

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TAD-CR1 (Hi-Fi+, Oct 2012)

"This is actually one of the hardest loudspeakers to describe in sonic terms, because you end up thinking about things in terms of what other loudspeakers do wrong. When it comes to describing what this loudspeaker does right, it pretty much does all of it right."

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TAD-D600 / C2000 / M2500 (Hi-Fi News, May 2012)

"These first 'consumer' TAD units boast considerable engineering finesse and deliver exceptional sound quality, being highly revealing while remaining at all times musically involving."
[Editor's Choice]

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TAD-CR1 (Stereophile, Jan 2012)

"It lacks the very lowest octave and is balanced a tad forward, but in all other respects it represents the state of the art of loudspeaker design and sound. TAD's Compact is hardly compact, but it is a reference. Oh my!"

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TAD R1 (the absolute sound, Dec 2011)

"The TAD Reference One is clearly a world-class loudspeaker in every respect, from the innovative design through the beautiful execution."

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TAD-CR1 (the absolute sound, Sept 2010)

"There's just flat out more honest music coming from the TAD CR-I than any stand-mount speaker I've ever heard."