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PMC Twenty Series 5.1 (HCC, Sept 2015)

"...a supremely accomplished premium speaker set-up...works wonders with music and movies too. Audition if you like the finer things in life."

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PMC Twenty.26 (hifi news, July 2014)

"...a fitting flagship to the range, bringing the delights of a well-designed and beautifully engineered three-way loudspeaker to a price point that is not unduly high."

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PMC Twenty.21 (Hi Fi Choice, Jan 2014)

"If you want to really get involved in your music, I'd challenge anyone to find a better compact standmount." [Editor's Choice]

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PMC Fact 12 (hifi+, Jan 2014)

"It's clear that it is a milestone product, one that puts PMC into the premier league of loudspeaker brands...it is second to none in terms of transparency, pace, imaging and dynamics."

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PMC Fact 12 (hifinews, Nov 2013)

"...you might wonder how a speaker this size can sound this way, and decide the price tag is justified. Well worth seeking out." [Highly Recommended]

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PMC Twenty.21 (Hi-Fi News, 2012 Yearbook)

"The twenty.21's easy driveability and manageable size add real-world appeal to the purely audiophilic benefits of sublime sound, rich, rewarding bass and terrific imaging." [Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product]

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PMC Twenty.21 (HiFi World, Sept 2012)

"The PMC Twenty.21s are an object lesson in how to wring a big sound from a small box. If your heart wants big loudspeakers but your head says they must be small, then look no further."

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PMC Twenty.21 (Hifi+ #89, June 2012)

"The PMC Twenty.21 delivers big room sound without the big room, and without the big room costs. Thoroughly recommended, if you like listening to music!"

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PMC Twenty.24 (Hi-Fi World, June 2012)

"Stylish, detailed, punchy and thoroughly enjoyable, the PMC Twenty.24s are a very welcome addition to the loudspeaker market."

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PMC Twenty.21 (HiFi News, Apr 2012)

The twenty.21s easy driveability and manageable size add real-world appeal to the purely audiophilic benefits of sublime sound, rich, rewarding bass and terrific imaging. With this in mind, Im keeping a pair as my reference." [Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product]

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PMC Twenty.22 (What HiFi, Mar 2012)

"The PMCs uncover a vast amount of detail. There's a purity to the sound which is simply astonishing - they're truly fabulous speakers." [Group Test Winner]

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PMC Twenty.24 (Hi-Fi+, issue 86, Feb 2012)

"By combining low colouration with musicality PMC has managed to make a loudspeaker that can be everything to all men, well almost...few other speakers below five grand are as consistently revealing and entertaining as this stylish design."

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PMC Twenty.22 (What HiFi, Feb 2012)

"Their detail resolution and way with low level dynamics is as good as anything we've heard at this price level. Overall, these 22s are excellent speakers for the money. PMC has put 20 years of experience to good use."

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PMC IB2S-XBD Active (Audio Media, Jan 2012)

"In audio, you can't correct what you can't hear. With a set of these and a room to match you're going to get about the best possible chance to do that within the constraints of human hearing, and I believe that PMC in the IB2S XBD-A has succeeded handsomely in its quest to make an ultimate no-compromise monitor for the mid-field"

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PMC FB1i Signature Edition (The Star, Audio File, Jan 2012)

"The PMC FB1i Signature is the kind of speaker that will have you pulling out CD after familiar CD to hear if you missed out on anything earlier. Yes, they are that captivating!"

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PMC Twenty.23 (Hi-Fi Choice, Jan 2012)

"Despite its modest size, it does a remarkable job of delivering an essentially full bandwidth sound, with fine neutrality and excellent stereo imaging. The tonal balance is generally smooth and even and the sound quality has impressive overall coherence and midband transparency." [Recommended]

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PMC Fact 3 (Hi Fi Choice, The 2011 Collection)

"A superb standmount that confidently achieves its objectives"

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PMC Fact 3 (What HiFi, August 2011)

"Make no mistake - these are fine speakers. PMC has managed to deliver a hugely impressive and authoritative sound from a pair of slim standmounters. And that doesn't happen very often."

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PMC GB1i (Hi-Fi Choice, July 2011)

"This pretty little speaker leaves little opportunity for criticism"

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PMC Fact 3 (Hi-Fi+, Issue 79)

"...it's one of the most professional packages around...this speaker is going to remain a popular choice because of its excellent combination of designer-label looks and highly refined sound, and that's a fact."

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PMC GB1i (Hi-Fi Choice, Oct 2010)


"The GBli has an engaging and communicative sound quality and is notably free from boxy effects, with fine focus and spacious imaging."

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PMC Fact 8 (Gramophone, Oct 2010)

"High-end speakers made room-friendly...an appealing idea, and it works"

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PMC DB1i (Hi-Fi Choice, July 2010)

"Excellent imaging, low coloration and a fine overall tonal balance."

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PMC Fact 8 (the absolute sound, June 2010)

"The combination of qualities on offer here is significantly greater than the sum of its parts, the phenomenally open character reveals nuances and details that more expensive designs miss...Make no mistake this speaker is the real deal..."

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PMC Fact 8 (Hi Fi+, June 2010)

"This is the most open box speaker I have ever encountered and it's phenomenally revealing too...Make no mistake, this speaker is the real deal."

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PMC Fact 8 (What Hi-Fi, April 2010)

"These PMCs are exceptional. Their combination of sonic and aesthetic prowess is hard to resist: if you want better sound, be prepared to spend a lot more..."

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PMC Fact 8 (Hi-Fi Choice, Dec 2009)

[Editor's Choice]
"...beautiful styling and finish, alongside a lovely all-round sound quality with a notably wide dynamic range, good bass extension and negligible boxiness."

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PMC IB2i (Hi-Fi Choice Awards 2009)

[Product of the Year]
"...the most outstanding hi-fi asset. There's no doubt in the mind of the editorial team that the IB2i is the latest in a succession of illustrious reference speakers by which all future rivals will be judged."

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PMC IB2i (Hi Fi Choice, Oct 2009)

[Editor's Choice]
"...it delivers top class sound at a realistic price. A genuine monitor, it delivers good neutrality, fine imaging and massive headroom with exceptional dynamic grip and expression."

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PMC FB1i (Hi Fi Choice, August 2009)

[Best Buy]

"...this latest 'i' variation on the well-established FB1 theme continues to set a fine standard..."

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PMC IB2i (Hi Fi Critic, July-Sept 2009)

"It delivers a well-engineered, no nonsense standard of all round quality...gets on with the job of acoustically marrying the fine drive units and playing the music well..."

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PMC FB1i (What Hi-Fi, Feb 2009)

"All in all, these are excellent speakers. They may not be the most impressive things you'll hear in a demo, but we have no doubt they're a great long-term proposition."

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PMC DB1i (HiFi News, Sept 2008)

[Highly Commended]

"It is sonically magnificent. So, it looks like I have my budget reference for another four years to come, at least."