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Bryston Mini T (Sound & Vision, Oct 2014)

"They're big, boxy and expensive, but these speakers are world-class performers, top to bottom." [Sound & Vision TOP PICK]

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Bryston Mini T (the absolute sound, Nov 2013)

"Here I am listening to a product designed by a bunch of lab rats and I am loving it!"

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Bryston BDP-2 (Stereophile, Oct 2013)

"I was blown away by the deep, wide soundstage, huge dynamics, totally black background and translucent highs."

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Bryston Mini T (Son & Image, Oct 2013)

"A reference in its class, the Mini T can be compared comfortably with speakers costing two or even three times the asking price. You have to hear these."

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Bryston B135-SST2 (HiFi News, Oct 2013)

"I am truly impressed by the experience." [Highly Recommended]

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Bryston BDP-2 and BDA-2 (Gramophone, Sept 2013)

"The sound quality of the pair is every bit as impressive as one has come to expect from Bryston." [Product of The Month]

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Bryston BDA-2 (the absolute sound, May 2013)

"I found that the crowning achievement of the Bryston BDA-2 can be described in the simplest of terms: It makes the best of every recording that you play through it."

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Bryston SP3 & 9BSST2 (Home Theater, Jan 2013)

"The combo will absolutely astound and connect you with your music." [Home Theater Top Picks]

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Bryston SP3 Surround Processor / Preamp (The Inner Ear, Sept 2012)

"In the world of no-holds-barred multi-channel audio, the Bryston SP3 is the pre-amp / processor to beat...the best home theatre product I've had the pleasure of reviewing."

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Bryston SP3 Surround Processor / Preamp (Widescreen Review, Aug 2012)

"...a high-end home theatre setup that also happens to deliver audiophile quality stereo sound...the SP3 just might be the perfect preamplifier/processor for your theatre + stereo setup."

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Bryston SP3 Surround Processor / Preamp (Stereophile, May 2012)

"The SP3 is an uncompromisedly superb analog preamp that also includes Bryston's excellent 24/192 DACs. In that sense, it can be regarded as Bryston's ultimate stereo component."

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Bryston SP3 Surround Processor / Preamp (HCC, May 2012)

"If you want the best in music reproduction and digital processing, the Bryston ticks all the boxes." [HCC Reference Status]

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Bryston SP3 & 9B-SST2 (Sound + Vision, Apr/May 2012)

"Serious construction, and seriously good sound...audio performance of the very highest order." [Certified & Recommended]

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Bryston 10B-SUB (Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity)

The Bryston 10B-SUB Active Stereo Crossover Network wins SECRETS Best of 2011 Awards for Best Audio Accessory

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Bryston BDP-1 (The Star, Audio File, Nov 2011)

"The Bryston BDP-1 is very well executed from everything angle I can imagine; purist, yet more convenient and easy to use than most equipment under this category. The user is in good hands with the BDP-1 and will only grow fonder of it in time."

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Bryston BDP-1 and BDA-1 (Hi-Fi News, Oct 2011)

"...the BDP-1 and BDA-1 are capable of making fine music." [Highly Commended]

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Bryston BDP-1 (the absolute sound, Sept 2011)

"With the BDP-1, Bryston has created a reference-grade source component that merits comparison with anything at any price - a remarkable achievement."

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Bryston BDP-1 (Stereophile, June 2011)

"It played every hi-rez file I could lay hands on...consistently delivering open highs, rich mid-range timbres, a stunning dynamic range and three-dimensional imaging. When you hear it, you, too, will find the BDP-1 a keeper."

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Bryston BDP-1 (What Hi-Fi, June 2011)

"One of the BDP-1s aces is the ability to replay files up to 24-bit/192kHz. These high-resolution files lift the sound of this Bryston client well above any CD player we have heard when it comes to outright detail, subtlety and fluidity."

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Bryston BDP-1 Digital Player (Hi-Fi Choice, March 2011)

"Bryston has taken a brave step by producing such a niche product but the results are pretty impressive."

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Bryston BDA-1 DAC (Stereophile, Feb 2010)

"The Bryston BDA-1 let me enjoy the best-sounding digital playback I've ever heard in my listening room."

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Bryston BP-16 + 2B-SST2 (Hi-Fi Choice, Sept 2009)

[Editor's Choice] "Bryston consistently builds very high-quality amplifiers and the SST2 upgrades bring real sonic gains...real magic happens when the two work in unison."

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Bryston BP-26 + 4B-SST2 (What Hi-Fi, Sept 2009)

"This Bryston combo should keep working for years. It's not fussy about music and is utterly truthful...These qualities have earned it a place in our reference system; we can't give a higher endorsement."

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Bryston BDA-1 DAC (Hi-Fi Choice, Feb 2009)

[Editor's Choice]
"One tends to approach kit like this with quite high expectations and we were encouraged to find them almost immediately fulfilled."

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Bryston BCD-1 (the absolute sound, Aug 2008)

"I am as surprised as anyone to discover that the best "last" CD player might well be an unprepossessing, modestly priced machine. But the BCD-1 has all the chops to qualify for the honor..."

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Bryston BCD-1 (the absolute sound, July 2008)

[Golden Ear Award 2008]

"...the BCD-1 may well be the best value in the entire CD market. To be able to buy this level of construction and sonic performance for this price borders on the miraculous."

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Bryston BCD-1 (What HiFi, May 2008)

"If you're looking for a CD player to breathe new life into your music collection, the BCD-1 should do the trick."